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Manifacturers description:


Ensure endless waves and family fun this summer with the NXT22. With an available 2150 pounds of ballast, SurfStar and roomy 14 person capacity, the NXT22 is the perfect way to get that quality time with family and friends. Enjoy everything the water has to offer with premium wakes and waves.


When you want to take a break from towing, relax and enjoy the views in comfort thanks to a spacious pickle fork bow. When the kids want to show you how it’s done, get epic views of all the action with an optional convertible rear facing bench to give you a front row seat.


SurfStar System:

Rather than design a standard system for our boats that is one size fits all, each SurfStar system is custom designed for the model it’s fitted in. That means that when you buy from our Carnforth showroom, you can rest assured that your new MasterCraft NXT can reach its full potential.


The SurfStar system allows for the most customisable waves in the market, perfectly adapting to first time riders and experienced enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re onboard or towing behind, the SurfStar system guarantees a smile on everyone’s face.


With over 50 years of collective experience under our belt, we pride ourselves on unbeatable customer service and care. Serving customers nationwide, we bring exceptional product knowledge and build quality to the table every time.


We're open 7 days a week at Windermere Marina Village: 015394 46004 /


    LENGTH: 22' / 6.7 m

    BEAM: 99" / 2.48 m

    INTERIOR WIDTH: 82.5" / 2.09 m

    WEIGHT: 4,300 Lbs / 1,950 Kg

    BALLAST WITH SURFSTAR: 3,000 Lbs / 1,360 Kg

    FUEL CAPACITY: 49 US Gal / 185.5 L

    ENGINE: 6.0 Ilmor

    AVAILABILITY: Available for July 2025 delivery. 

    COLOURS: Customisable


    BEAUTIFUL SIMPLICITY: Don’t confuse simplicity with plainness. The NXT22 optimises every inch from bow to stern, delivering everything you need and nothing you don’t. With multiple customisable options, it’s easy to make sure you have all the essentials on board.

    CUSTOM WAVES: Get those signature MasterCraft waves with the unique SurfStar system. With up to 3450 pounds of built in ballast on offer, every NXT22 model can provide the most customisable waves in the market for ultimate performance and enjoyment.

    MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT: Whether you’re a seasoned boat owner or new to the blue, every NXT22 model can be adapted to your level of adventure with style and ease. Perfect for families who want to ride the wakes or simply enjoy the inbuilt luxury of their new NXT22.




Image by Jacqueline O'Gara



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