Electric Boats at Shepherds

Shepherds recognise the importance of balancing our enjoyment of the water with sustainability and protecting the environment. To that end we have developed a Green Strategy which should see a steady increase in the prevalence of fully electric, environmentally friendly, high quality, day boats and cruisers on Windermere (and beyond) in the coming months and years.


The RAND Electric Series are Danish designed-and-built boats which are incredibly stylish and practical, without compromising on performance. We see electric boating as offering something edging towards the free nature experience you can enjoy from wind sailing. Jump onboard the vessels of tomorrow.

Other than the environmental savings you'll achieve by going electric, there's also fuel cost savings, far fewer moving parts to go wrong, no complicated engine, fewer breakdowns, and significantly less maintenance. 


Watch this space for more manufacturers working in partnership with Shepherds to ensure we keep boating safe, fun, environmentally friendly, and affordable - on Windermere and beyond for many years to come.