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Travel to Boat Shows or boat viewings in style - and with like minded friends - with a Private Aircraft Charter from Hangar3


  • Considering joining us at a Boat Show?

  • Arranging to view a boat not local to Windermere?

  • Travel in style and with utmost efficiency on a Private Aircraft Charter.

If you haven't experienced Private Aircraft Charter, then you really should! 


Private, simple, comfortable & highly efficient drive the desire of many to choose Hangar3 to provide this service.

With over 30 years of experience Hangar3 can source the best aircraft from a worldwide fleet of over 600 private aircraft.

You will be provided with exactly the right aircraft for your mission, whether it’s a 4 seater one week or a 20 seater the week after the team will listen to your needs then act swiftly to source exactly the correct machine and importantly at a price which is always going to deliver excellent value for money.

Drop us a line to find out more...

Private Aircraft
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